The official budget amounts to around € 21 million. European Commission (EC) funding is € 19 m; it is provided in the context of the European Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875299. This support is gratefully acknowledged by all participants and stakeholders involved in UNICOM.

For several UNICOM consortium members, in particular selected National Medicinal Products Authorities, the funding received from the EC can be regarded as seed money instigating and often accompanying considerably larger investments in adapting or converting national medicinal products data bases, IT systems and regulatory processes towards IDMP standards. The same applies to UNICOM’s contribution to the creation of the European Union Substance Reference System (EU-SRS), which when finalised will provide input for the European Medicines Agency’s Substance Management System (SMS, a core element of the SPOR set of European medicines-related data bases ), a cornerstone for EU-wide implementation of IDMP.

To a lesser extent, the same holds for other beneficiaries of this grant. Furthermore, spill-overs to other European actors are expected. UNICOM is an excellent exemplar of European Union support initiating and fostering investments much larger than the initial funding.