Most resource-rich countries maintain at least basic national (electronic) repositories and data bases of medicinal products which have gone through the stipulated regulatory national process to be marketed in that national healthcare system. Unfortunately, these uncoordinated national regulatory procedures have resulted in a host of unintended results and impacts endangering patient safety and hindering better healthcare service delivery, particularly in international contexts:

Similar challenges apply to the electronic recording of medicinal products in other healthcare contexts, e.g. in electronic patient summaries, health records, clinical decision and ordering systems, or ePrescribing software.

Furthermore, the missing univocal identification of medicines hampers timely global pharmacovigilance reporting and warnings. It results in reports on the same active substance and, e.g., its side effects or contraindications, not easily being related to each otherĀ permitting health system actors like medical professionals, pharmacists and also patients to identify all medicinal products (MPs)