IRELAND : Lesson learnt June 6 2022 Link Link
SWEDEN : strategy, projectmanagement and developmentofIT-systems October 14 2022 Link  Link
ESTONIA : overview (demo) of the new IDMP compliant system developed by EESAM (Estonia) and its connexion with TEHIK November 25 2022 Link  Includes a demo
CROATIA : Refactoring the HeAL system, redesign of User interface related to Packaged Medicinal Product March 29 2023 Link Link
BELGIUM : IDMP gap analysis and SAM, the authentic source of drugs authorized for the Belgian market April 17 2023 Link Link
NORWAY : SAFEST project: NoMA s solution to meet needs in clinical practice  and other aspects for PhPID-generation to meet clinical practice May 24 2023 Link Link
SPAIN : A very rich cottent showing how AEMPS has adapated its DB to make it IDMP compliant, how it plans to connect with EMA SPOR, how it plans to deal with future expected evolutions, how it will distribute the data to third parties. It includes a detailed DEMO. June 26 2023 Link Link
FHIR and IDMP      
The Medicinal Product part of FHIR  March 30 2022 Link  
EMA DADI FHIR variation forms July 15 2022 Link Link
IDMP and FHIR March 10 2023 Link Link