UNICOM - general information

2020UNICOM Fact SheetShort introduction to UNICOM Action lines, objectivesPDF File
2020BADI Bulgarian Drug Regulatory Affairs e-Congress (June 2020)The slides present the objectives pursued by UNICOM to a EU regulatory authority and Bulgarian key stakeholders not directly active within the UNICOM consortium.PDF File
2020HL7 FHIR / Unicom Joint Meeting (May 2020)Karl Stroetmann presents the objectives purused by UNICOM and its implementation challenges including the synergies to be found with SDOs such as HL7/FIHR.PDF File
2020Commentary published in the review VaccineCommentary published in the open source journal Vaccine on December 2 2020. It details the urgent actions needed to ensure we can track and trace the global use of COVID-19 vaccines.
PDF File
2021UNICOM Citizen Survey Results (Feb-March 2021)Summary of results from a survey of public opinion performed on what is important regarding patient care and empowerment when travelling outside one's home country, specifically related to medicine The associated task is ‘Define Patient Use Cases in Cross Border Settings’PDF File
2021IDMP in a capsule IDMP in a capsule helps promote greater understanding about how IDMP standards “work” throughout the life-cycle stages of a medicinal product. In each stage -
from the initial stage of Development and Production through the final stage of Utilisation and Outcome Assessment - IDMP standards’ concepts and theory are explained as part of two stories: SweetDreams, a medicinal product, and Ingrid, its user.
PDF File
2021IDMP dans une capsuleIDMP dans une capsule permet de mieux comprendre comment les normes IDMP “fonctionnent” tout au long des étapes du cycle de vie d’un médicament. À chaque étape - de l’étape initiale du développement et de la mise sur le marché du médicament à l’étape finale de l’utilisation et l’évaluation des impacts - les concepts et la théorie des normes IDMP sont expliqués dans le cadre de deux histoires : SweetDreams, un médicament, et Ingrid, son utilisatrice.PDF File
2022Working Paper on IDMP education and certification programsThis paper identifies five levels of required knowledge and describes applicable roles, possible means of education, instruction and certification. It also lists a number of prerequisites and recommendations which should be taken into consideration whilst developing the content and implementing educational modulesPDF File

IDMP and related standardisation(s)

2020Working Document: Gap Analysis of Existing and Need for New Standards and ProfilesWork package 1 focuses on IDMP-related standards and terminologies; its first deliverable is concerned with gaps in existing standards and profiles, and the arising need for adapted and new ones.PDF File
2020Medicinal Product, Marketing Authorization,
Pharmaceutical Product and Package Medicinal Product: Briefing Note by Jean Gonzague Fontaine (GSK)
The slides provide an overview of the relations between • MPID• PhPID• MA• PCID (and then, DCID) and explain the possible hierarchy
between these IDs.
PDF File
2020IDMP related standards and terminologies applied to pharmacovigilance:
Presentation Individual Case Safety Report. Briefing note by Anja van Haren
The slides briefly describe the expected benefits of IDMP implementation for the pharmacoviguilance domain.PDF File
2021Working Document: Requirements for a new ISO logical model
The document raises requirements for the development of a new IDMP logical model, to serve as a reference to implementers and developers of specific data models. It presents what is meant by a “logical model”, provides several references which document logical models and their conceptual, standardised framework. PDF File
2021The UNICOM Project Pilot Product List: Presentation to the HL7 BR&R Workgroup (26/01:2021)The slides show how the products pilot list which will be tested by UNICOM are the pivotal element which will help make IDMP truly operational.PDF File
2021Working Paper:IDMP Coding Principles and Guidance for ICSRsThe working paper provides recommendations for practical IDMP implementation aspects (e.g.,PhPID generation) and for handling drug information in general (e.g.,grouping concepts, use of name parts), aimed at improvingICSR data management and pharmacovigilance analysisPDF File
2021Digital Application Dataset Integration (DADI) Project Question and Answers Version 2This document is for information only and is based on insights available at the time of its release. It will be updated regularly.PDF File
2022Working Document: an analysis of the IDMP medicinal product identification data provided by NCAs (and SPOR) compared to that needed in MPD for clinical care and for secondary usesThis working paper describes MPD requirements, using the standards for MPD and how MPD are currently modeled and populated with high quality data to meet their business needs. It then describes what will likely be provided by the NCAs through IDMP, and then examines the gaps, uncertainties, challenges and possible mismatches between the requirements and the likely provision. Finally, it offers some insights into the issues and some recommendations for resolutionPDF File
2022Working Document: Implementation Guidance for Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) in Medicinal Product DictionariesThis document provides implementation and mapping guidelines for use of Identification of Medicinal Product (IDMP) data within Medicinal Product Dictionaries (MPD). It includes different scenarios of implementation depending on the structure of the MPD. It gives an overview on the controlled vocabularies/terminology from Substances, Products, Organisations and Referentials (SPOR) from the European Medicines Agency (EMA).
It will help MPD providers to use IDMP data for prescribing and for dispensing, nationally and for cross-border care.
PDF File

European Substance Registration System

2020Working Document: Endorsed Implementation Plan for Substance ManagementThis deliverable presents the Implementation Plan for Substance Management, i.e. the roadmap for the EU Substance Reference System (EU-SRS) implementation. Soon available
2020WP2-Cleaned Substances ReportThe EU SRS excel file is a searchable database for stakeholders interested in using this informationxlsx File
2021WP2-Data cleansing Manual v1.1The Data Cleansing Manual Substance Validation Group (SVG) has developed this
“Guidance on EU Substance Data Cleansing” as part of the EU-SRS project. This is an External version- living document - UPDATED version 1.1
PDF File