UNICOM - general information

2020UNICOM Fact SheetShort introduction to UNICOM Action lines, objectivesPDF File
2020D12.2 Dissemination & Communication StrategyThis document outlines the dissemination approach geared towards adequately reflecting the large scale and broad aims of the UNICOM innovation action. for internal use only

IDMP and related standardisation(s)

2020Working Document: Gap Analysis of Existing and Need for New Standards and ProfilesWork package 1 focuses on IDMP-related standards and terminologies; its first deliverable is concerned with gaps in existing standards and profiles, and the arising need for adapted and new ones.PDF File

European Substance Registration System

2020Working Document: Endorsed Implementation Plan for Substance ManagementThis deliverable presents the Implementation Plan for Substance Management, i.e. the roadmap for the EU Substance Reference System (EU-SRS) implementation. Soon available
2020WP2-Cleaned Substances ReportThe EU SRS excel file is a searchable database for stakeholders interested in using this informationxlsx File
2020WP2-Data cleansing ManualThe Data Cleansing Manual Substance Validation Group (SVG) has developed this
“Guidance on EU Substance Data Cleansing” as part of the EU-SRS project. This is an External version- living document.
PDF File