Request for online publication

Only as information, not as legal advice, we provide the following information on intentionally or unintentionally using

  • photos,
  • pictures, or
  • other material

in your document or resources, to which a Third Party may hold intellectual rights.

If the material to be published via the UNICOM website

  • does not only contain your own work,

but also mentions or contains

  • sources or resources developed by others and to which the originator still holds rights, 

you should make sure you have obtained the right to make use of it and, if and as required, mark it as third-party intellectual property – including, as needed, the name of the owner of that IP (e.g. for visual content , quotes taken verbatim or paraphrased, sources of statistical data used).

Be aware that even so-called “royalty free” pictures, diagrams etc. available in the WWW are not always really “free” but may require a one-time fee (a so-called “Royalty Free License”).

Please always consult the

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Purchase Agreement

of the WWW site where you find and download images and other resources.

When searching for pictures or images in the WWW via a search engine, it may also provide you with information on the copyright situation for that image and types of usage rights. See, e.g., here: (“Find free-to-use images”)

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