Technical Resources

Throughout the project, the UNICOM teams have created a variety of technical tools to support the authoring process, validate specifications, and enable users to navigate the complexities of UNICOM more effectively.

UNICOM Test-Lab: IDMP FHIR Server and Product Browser


The UNICOM Test-Lab encompasses a set of artifacts to facilitate testing and experimenting with IDMP-compatible data exchange using HL7 FHIR (Release 5). This test lab consists of

UNICOM FHIR Implementation Guide

a creative visualisation of a digital health ecosystem

The UNICOM FHIR Implementation Guide was created to assist working with pilot product list product data in FHIR specific formats.

The implementation guide consists of the following artifacts:

  • Logical model for defining medicinal product (basic data elements suitable for wide range of different use cases);
  • FHIR profiles for defining a medicinal product using resources in Medication Definition module.
  • Example resources for different medicinal products.

Prototype User-Facing Apps

The prototype user-facing apps aim to demonstrate the possibility for patients from Country A who are abroad without their medicine to obtain a similar substitute medicine in Country B, in order to safeguard their health and ensure their adherence and continuity of treatment. They include both patient facing and healthcare provider facing instances of a Flutter app.

For additional details check out our presentation here.


Github Logo

The UNICOM Github page hosts all repositories linked to the technical resources.


UFIS page capture

The initial UNICOM FHIR IDMP Server (UFIS) served as a proof of concept and initial requirements gathering of selected medicinal products and their IDMP-conformant attributes. It involved the establishment of a conforming IDMP/FHIR infrastructure and related product browser, to support early learning, testing, and piloting within the project. Data and related requirements gathered through UFIS have been integrated into the UNICOM Test-Lab.