A PROMISING MPs substitution component!

Currently substitution in MyHealth@EU is limited to a “selection” of fully equivalent medicinal products. The potentialities of “substitution methodology”, proposed by UNICOM should be considered by the MyHealth@EU ePrescription Cluster to extend safe substitution.

UNICOM partners Argiris GkogkidisDr. Haralampos Karanikas & Alexander Berler have presented the rule-based IDMP based “substitution component” solution developed within UNICOM to help dealing with the issue during  the eHMSEG Semantic Task Force Meeting at DG Santé in Brussels last week.

The demo relies on one side on a substitution component where the legal rules of each concerned country have been mapped and on the other side on a database where all medical products related to a sample of substances from the same countries have been made IDMP compatible.

Three SMES (It, Gr and USA) active in UNICOM are being involved in this development:

Datawizzard in Italy HAS designed a set of API and tools aimed at empowering and improving the experience of the citizen/patient in relationship to Medicinal Products. EHealthpass in Greece is a PHR platform focused on the patient’s needs in an innovative way and Infosage in the USA is an innovation and research program created to help elderly people and their families more easily find resources and better coordinate care with one another and with clinicians.

Want to know more ?

Watch the explanation and demo presented by Nicole Veggiotti & Argiris Gkogkidis in the context of the IHE-Europe Connecthaton in Rennes or have a look at the slides.