All Community of Expertise webinars in a nutshell

July 2020 IDMP an falsified medicines Falsified medicines Falsified medicines
September 2020 PhPID – calculating a globally unique identification as defined by IDMP PhPID


October 2020 UNICOM WP-1’s Gap Analysis Gap Gap
November 2020 Unicom – Pilot Product List PPL PPL
December 2020 IDMP and COVID-19 vaccines Covid-19 Covid-19
January 2021 Pharmaceutical Dose forms Dose Forms Dose Forms
February 2021 How will a common logical model for IDMP help you? Logical Model Logical Model
March 2021 EMA Implementation guide (EU IG v2.0) EMA IG EMA IG
April 2021 IDMP and Medical products dictionaries MPD MPD
May 2021 Representation of clinical information Clinical Info Clinical Info
June 2021 Cross-border ePrescription–standards, terminologies and processes Cross-Border Cross-border
August 2021 Substance identification using INN and ATC – governance, use, and relation to IDMP  Substance  Substance

October 2021

The role of Dose Forms for the generation of a global Pharmaceutical Product Identifier (PhPID) Dose-PhPID Dose-PhPID

November 2021

Perspectives on substance and strength in IDMP  Substance and strength Substance and strenght

December 2021

UNICOM – Using IDMP in Adverse Event reporting and Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR) ICSR

January 2022

UNICOM – Vaccine challenges – cleansing, confidentiality and vaccine naming Vaccines


February 2022

UNICOM – IDMP and Clinical applications Clinical Applications

Clinical Applications


February 2022

UNICOM – Draft Guideline for Medicinal Product Dictionary MPD


April 2022

UNICOM – Semantic specifications for eHealth services eHealth


August 2022

UNICOM – Navigating global and national identifiers using IDMP and FHIR Navigate


November 2022

UNICOM -Making EU-SRS sustainable EU-SRS


February 2023

UNICOM -Sources of medication data Sources


April 2023

UNICOM -From source to final use Final use

Final use

September 2023

UNICOM -Global alignment on substances based on the ISO IDMP and the SRS software Substance ID

Substance ID

November 2023

UNICOM IHE Test Labs TestLabs TestLabs

March  2024

Standards for safe medication: Looking back and forward Standards Standards

Product lookup for patient facing apps