Do not miss the next UNICOM Community of Expertise on Friday 19 February 2021 on the theme: UNICOM – IDMP Logical Model 

The UNICOM project has compiled and published a set of requirements for a new IDMP logical model, which shall be technology independent. The presenters will share with you the content and creation process of the deliverable. With the panelists we will discuss the role of an IDMP logical model and how this document can contribute to its development by ISO/TC 215 Health Informatics WG6. 

Currently, the IDMP data model is described by partial logical models across the different standards making up the IDMP set of standards and by HL7 v3 based specifications in some of the technical specifications. The ISO group of experts will take these requirements as input for the development of a new ISO IDMP logical model. Our discussion of the requirements will also be made available to the ISO experts, as they join the conversation. 

Register NOW ! (Free of charge– Everybody is welcome) 

Date:Friday 19 February 2021 

Time:3:00 – 4:30 pm CET 


Robert Stegwee (Nictiz/CEN – WP 1)
José Costa Teixeira (IHE – WP 1)


Giorgio Cangioli (HL7 – WP 1) 

Noel Diamant (AGES – Austria – WP 3) 

Julie James (Blue Wave Informatics – WP 9) 

Jeff Martin (SMPA – Sweden – WP 1 and WP 4)   

Lise Stevens (ISO) 


Christian Hay and Maayke Klinkenberg(WP 1) 

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