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May 22

UNICOM will be represented by NOMA, the Norwegian Medicinal Products Agency, during the Radical Health Festivalin Helsinki in a session dedicated to Interoperability РBeyond Techonology, Towards People and Systems Talking to Each Other


If data is the lifeblood of an information-driven health system, interoperability is the cornerstone for implementing prevention and precision at scale. While a topic of discussion for so many years, at this point we need to challenge the notion that interoperability is only a technical issue. Instead, this session invites us to shift our focus towards the human factor, acknowledging that, beyond technology, true interoperability requires a harmonious alignment of organizations, processes, and individuals. Drawing inspiration from groundbreaking initiatives like UNICOM and the implementation of the European-wide COVID vaccination card, this session showcases real-world examples that proves the adage, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” A testament to the power of collective will and cooperation in overcoming interoperability challenges, this session will explore: how do we foster the willingness of all stakeholders to engage in this collaborative journey? We will explore various incentives and strategies to motivate stakeholders, from policy makers to healthcare providers and patients, ensuring that everyone is committed to the shared goal of seamless, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare delivery.