Help us to create the IDMP educational framework

The UNICOM project is in the process of creating an educational framework for IDMP-related standards and terminologies. This framework should facilitate the identification of the required level of knowledge, beyond a general understanding, for the various relevant organisations and for the different roles people have within these organisations. Corresponding certifications could be a means to ensure that the appropriate level of knowledge is attained, either in internal educational programs or when contracting external expertise for IDMP-related projects. This will be especially relevant after the UNICOM project has finished and all organisations that make use of IDMP will be challenged to take the implementation further in line with the evolution of user requirements and future releases of the standards.

In order to gather input for this educational framework, UNICOM is kindly asking all stakeholders that are actively engaged in the implementation or the use of IDMP. The questionnaire surveys the needs on education and certification on IDMP knowledge and understanding for different roles and stakeholder organisations. In addition it aims to provide insight into the existence of a current curriculum, the focus on the standards, specific training offered and any certifications provided.

Access the questionnaire and provide your input before 15 January 2022.

If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire, please feel free to reach out via .