ISO TC 215, Working Group 6, to commence its standardisation work on an IDMP logical model

On March 11th the rule-based ballot within the ISO TC 215 community for a new work item, has confirmed that the National Mirror Bodies have approved the launch of a project aiming to provide a logical model as a companion to the ISO IDMP suite of standards.

With only one negative vote and a very large number of approvals, ISO TC 215 WG 6 leadership expresses its confidence that this standard will meet implementers’ conformance needs, since IDMP implementation in many countries is undertaken with a newer version of Health IT standards, rather than with the normative HL7 version 3 used in the current ISO IDMP suite of standards.

One of the deliverables from the European Union UNICOM project has been, late 2020, a report expressing the requirements for the planned IDMP logical model. These requirements included as paramount, that existing implementation efforts shall be considered to avoid unnecessary difficulties and protect current investments as far as possible. These requirements further recognise complementarity of other standards used in the health IT, such as SNOMED CT, IHE and GS1.

The IDMP suite of standards is not only focussing on regulatory processes, but impacts the clinical and supply chain processes as well. In addition, it will support the systematic analysis and surveillance of treatment and outcomes. These domains will benefit from the new standard, to increase their interoperability functions – supporting safer care.

It is expected the IDMP logical model standard to be finalised within 24 months.