Join us for the first 2022 Community of Expertise focusing on Vaccine challenges – cleansing, confidentiality and vaccine naming

The need for global identification of vaccines has been recognized in the Global Vaccines Initiative, addressing the global surveillance of vaccine effectiveness and risks. See our recently published news on this topic.

This has particular consequences for the European Substance Registration System, the focus of UNICOM WP 2, which will need to make sure that cleansing and building of substances is done in an appropriate way.

From an industry perspective, we will address the challenges to conform to these and other guidelines throughout the development process and maintain confidentiality at the same time.

Date:                      Friday 14 January 2021

Time:                     3:00 – 4:30 pm CET


Olof Lagerlund (UNICOM WP 1, WHO-UMC)

Annet Rozema (UNICOM WP 2, CBG-MEB)

Jean-Gonzague Fontaine (GSK Vaccines)


Rafaella Balocco (WHO)

Malin Fladvad (UNICOM WP 1, WHO-UMC)


Christian Hay (UNICOM WP 1, GS1 and ISO TC 215/WG6)

Robert Stegwee (UNICOM WP 1, CEN TC 251)