Last perspectives on substance and strength in IDMP: Join us on the 29th of October!

When? Friday 29 October, 15:00-16:30 CEST

The world is teaming up to provide clarity on the identification of substances and the representation of strength. This Community of Expertise will present different recent perspectives on these activities, with speakers reprensenting the views and work of regulatory, industry and standards stakeholders.


  • Isabel Chicharo, EMA: Implementing substance cleansing results in SMS
  • Petra Kristic, Senior Manager Regulatory Compliance & Regulatory Information Management, Merck Healthcare KGaA: Concentration strength versus Presentation strength
  • Jeff Martin, SMPA: Data Patterns for IDMP-based Medicinal Product Information


Annet Rozema (CBG-MED, UNICOM WP2),

Malin Fladvad (WHO-UMC, UNICOM WP1)

Jean-Gonzague Fontaine. (Product and Substance (inc. IDMP) Master Data Lead, GSK vaccine)