Let’s keep the tempo with a Community of Expertise on Clinical Applications for IDMP and the specific role of PhPID on 4th of February

The next UNICOM Community of Expertise is scheduled on Friday 4th of February 2022;

This webinar will focus on solutions for remaining issues in the process of the production of global identification numbers (Pharmaceutical Product ID or PhPID), a key issue in the global identification of medicinal products, and crucial to provide the various pilots within UNICOM with workable data sets for first experiments.

After 2 years of UNICOM project, progress has been made in substance identification, dose form determination and terminology choices, and representation of strength as either presentation or concentration strength. The interconnectivity of choices for these 3 basic elements of medicinal product identification will be illustrated.

WHO CC Drug Statistics will report on technical characteristics of ATC which can be used to facilitate the process of aligning ATC with IDMP principles, taking advantage of the fact that many countries have their drug list already linked to ATC.

Finally, WHO_UMC will inform the UNICOM community on its approach to experiment with PhPID production, its international communication with FDA and EMA, and plans to build sustainable processes and systems of maintenance. Read more about this in this recent news .

Date : Friday 4 February 2022

Time:      3:00-4:30 pm CET


Robert Vander Stichele (I~HD, UNICOM WP1 and WP8)

Mohammad Nouri Sharikabad (WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology, Oslo and UNICOM WP1)

Malin Fladvad (WHO-UMC, UNICOM WP1)


Annet Rozema (CBG-MEB, UNICOM WP2)

Dipak Kalra (I~HD, former clinician, UNICOM WP8)

Olof Lagerlund (WHO-UMC, UNICOM WP1)


Christian Hay (GS1, ISO TC 215/WG6 and UNICOM WP1)

Robert Stegwee (CEN TC 251 and UNICOM WP1)

The registration allows you to raise questions and interact with the speakers. But if you failed to register, the webinar will also be broadcasted life on the UNICOM youtube channel