UNICOM now ready to start engaging with North American stakeholders

On the 8th of June, UNICOM will organize its first Transatlantic event. Building on the previous awareness raised by the EU project openMedicine (2016), stakeholders in North America shall learn from UNICOM in an introduction workshop. The workshop organized by UNICOM partner CITADHL will gather 25 experts who will debate on the situation in the US (with US FDA representatives), in Europe (with an EMA representative), globally (with a WHO UMC1 representative) and the impact on standard developments (with SDO representatives). Extensive information on Health Literacy and on UNICOM current achievements will be provided. 

The ultimate purpose is to encourage harmonised, consistent IDMP implementations on both sides of the Atlantic. The initial workshop will be completed by additional engagements with the North American stakeholders, individually or as a community. 

This is the first of a serial of workshops which will be organized for the Northern American audience on a bi-monthly basis targeting different stakeholders of the value chain and focusing on specific aspects of IDMP implementation: so that experts from North America and from Europe learn from each-other. 

Certain UNICOM open events such as the monthly community of expertise webinars are also scheduled at a time which allows Northern American people to take part. 

The key findings and results of those Transatlantic exchanges will be made available though the UNICOM website.