UNICOM supports the further development of the EU cross-border digital health services

Excellent attendance at the 1st UNICOM/eHDSI workshop dedicated to EU eHealth cross-border services More than 80 people attended a two-day workshop organized in February by UNICOM dedicated to the beneficial contributions of this project to the European-wide eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure (eHDSI)/eHealth Network (eHN) communities. Attendees included representatives from national and regional eHealth Agencies, national drug agencies, the European Commission, and the wide stakeholder community. The implementation of ISO IDMP standards (identification of medicinal products) will indeed be instrumental to improve cross-border patient services like ePrescriptions or Patient Summaries. It will, e.g., fundamentely improve the safe and trusted identification of a medicinal product specified in a foreign ePrescription as well as its successful dispensation. At the same time, through smart apps it can enhance patient empowerment through better personalised information on medicines, also when travelling abroad. Plus, because many, if not most medicines are not available in all Member States, it will give a strong boost to smart substitution at the point of service, in countries where this is permissable. The eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure facilitates the deployment and operation of services for cross-border patient health data exchange under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), an activity involving both the European Commission and EU Member States. eHDSI has set up and started deploying its Patient Summary and ePrescription services which eentually will be rolled out across almost all countries.

This collaboratively developed online workshop has strongly reinforced the cooperation between UNICOM and the eHDSI communities towards the adoption of ISO IDMP on eHealth services.

Listen to Stefanie Weber (BfArM) detailing the role of UNICOM in the 5 year programme of the eHealth Network sub-group on semanticsDSI semantic taskforce.

The two-day workshop provided a very educational insight into the hiostory and present status of the organisational structure, institutions involved, decision taking processes, data flows and technical architecture of the cross-border ePrescription/eDispensation and Patient Summary healthcare services in all their details.

It also provided a preliminary glimpse of the new requirements resulting from IDMP implementation and the process required to implement them. Later on, UNICOM will test and then pilot in a real life cross-border setting he exchange of IDMP compliant ePrescritions as well as of acive medicines lists in Patient Summaries.

Listen to Jose Teixeira (IHE) explaining in some details the data requirements specifically for cross-border ePrescription.

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