UNICOM to closely cooperate and exchange with European Medicines Agency

UNICOM activities towards further development of the ISO IDMP standards, and their accelerated implementation by National Medicines Authorities and other core actors across the EU are of eminent interest and relevance for the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Pharmacovigilance and cross-border healthcare services, like the exchange of ePrescriptions by EU Member States, are other topics of great concern. This was the result of an extensive, in-depth online meeting between the Information Management Division of the EMA and UNICOM experts.

Both sides are eager to get EMA more directly involved in UNICOM activities, to exchange knowledge and results, and to actively contribute to each other’s endeavours. EMA offered to facilitate UNICOM meetings at their premises, such that it becomes easier to also involve other experts from their side.

Concerning further process, it was agreed to meet in a few months in a well-prepared online workshop with an extended audience of experts from both sides to discuss pending challenges around IDMP, identify in greater detail topics of common interest, and to explore further avenues to cooperate and exchange knowledge and experience.