AZIENDA REGIONALE PER L’INNOVAZIONEE GLI ACQUISTI S.P.A. (ARIA S.p.A.) is a public company, completely owned by Regione Lombardia (RL), the Lombardy Regional Government Agency. The mission of ARIA is governing public spending, leading digital transformation for local public administrator agencies, and thriving regional data-driven policies. ARIA manages and develops the information systems for Regione Lombardia and for a set of public bodies and public companies called “Regional System”.

At the date, ARIA supports and delivers 700 business services, 800 software applications, 180 databases and manages the regional Data Center (>2.400 servers) operating over 4 areas:

  • Health, demographic change and wellbeing: ARIA has the overall responsibility for Welfare/Healthcare Information System (WIS). WIS connects in Regione Lombardia all public hospitals and Labs, most of the private hospitals, GPs and pharmacies, giving to the citizens secure access to their Patient summary / Electronic Health Record (EHR), and allowing them to access easily to prescriptions and health services.
  • eProcurement: ARIA is central purchasing body for Regione Lombardia; it manages public procurement activities, developing and promoting e-procurement tools.
  • eGovernment: ARIA provides to citizens, enterprises and local administration and public bodies, a wide range of IT and eGovernment services, covering several domains such as agriculture, public contribution to citizens and enterprises, open data management, environment, territory and local transports, industry and commerce, culture and tourism, work and education.
  • Regional Data Center: ARIA hosts the Regional data center that have been designed and built to meet the strictest requirements set for the certification referred to Tier IV. ARIA is working to a project for centralizing all the local public body’s small data centre to create a large and secure infrastructure for the public administration in Lombardy Region.

The Data Warehouse connected to the EHR is the Big Data historical source for analytical analysis for Public Health statistics. Artificial Intelligence based predictive tools are in use to forecast healthcare needs. Since epSOS ARIA operated the Italian National Contact Point for eHealth. In CEF eHDSI, where new regions are included, the Italian NCPeH has been transferred to AgID, the Italian Competence Centre for Digital Italy. The Lombardy EHR is connected to the other Regional EHR system through the National Central EHR Interoperability System (INI). INI is connected to the NCPeH to allow the provision of Cross-Border eHealth Services.

In openMedicine project, ARIA led the functional specifications and actively participated to all the work packages. ARIA led the pilot, within CEF HEALTHeID project to integrate eIDAS digital identification services into the CEF eHDSI. Currently ARIA coordinates the implementation of the trials within X-eHealth project, to extend the cross-border services for EHR interoperability to Discharge Letters, Laboratory Results, Images and Rare Diseases related clinical documents. In UNICOM, ARIA leads Workpackage 7: “eHDSI cross-border / national eHealth services piloting