The Medicines Evaluation Board Agency (agentschap College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen, in short: CBG-MEB) supports an independent Board in their tasks to evaluate and monitor the efficacy and quality of human and veterinary medicines, as well as adverse reactions to such medicines. In addition, tasks are performed to evaluate the safety of novel foods for human consumption. Together with national partners and as part of the European regulatory medicines network, the MEB is continuously responsible for the assessment and monitoring of authorised medicinal products for the entire lifecycle. With staff members fulfilling key positions in EU scientific committees (e.g. PRAC Chair, CMDh Vice Chair, COMP Chair) and active contributions in many groups (e.g. Quality Working Party and the Safety Working Party) the Netherlands play an important role in the European regulatory medicines network.

Information management and technology are seen as important enablers for the tasks that the CBG performs as a National Competent Authority. Since 2008 CBG staff members have been involved in developing the ICSR and IDMP standards through Standard Development Organisations ISO, HL7 and CEN. Through active participation in the EU Telematics Governance structure and national eHealth initiatives the CBG is well placed to bridge regulatory developments with relevant developments in the clinical domain.