Datawizard Srl based in Rome, Italy, enriches Pharmaceutical data and provides digital health services to EU citizens. As an independent, small and mission-focused SME and they are skilled at getting a new product/service to market with rapid uptake and quick response to the demands of stakeholders. As a provider of digital health services related to medicine with primary end-users being EU citizens, they interface daily with many levels of the Pharma supply chain and all major stakeholders in the healthcare landscape including local Authorities, Hospitals, Research Centres and Patients / Consumers Associations. Therefore, the company has achieved a unique knowledge base and strategic position in that they know the major players on an EU level and have developed relationships with them on a local level in Italy. Understanding their needs and pain points has allowed them to identify the real gaps and obstacles in the healthcare system today. Datawizard often acts as an integrator of this fragmented system with a vision of how ICT can bridge these gaps and provide win-win solutions to all players but with a particular focus on patient care.

DataWizard also has a proven track record of “thinking up” innovative ideas for digital businesses, turning them into unique value propositions and building innovative solutions. By building, maintaining and promoting cutting- edge Apps and platforms, the company exploits Big Data and Open Data to empower people with easy access to meaningful and personalised information. Their services include Consulting and Digital Marketing, Big Data Analytics for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries, and Development of Vertical Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Health Markets. With this range of services, a highly skilled team and a scalable business model with significant potential profits, DataWizard combines the essential elements to successfully introduce new solutions into the market with ease and boost company growth.
The company was founded in 2012 by two renowned entrepreneurs with extensive leadership experience in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and Healthcare industries who have served in high-level management positions in companies such as Altavista, Google, IBM, Oracle and PricewaterhouseCoopers for the last twenty years.

“Datawizard’s interest in UNICOM is for enriching Pharmaceutical data for EU citizens in a way that is accessible and understandable, exploring how IDMP can benefit citizens and patients at home and in cross-border settings and in realizing international drug-identification services for citizens/patients.”