The Federico II University Hospital (FOUND) is the largest University hospital in Southern Italy with about 1000 beds. It is an health care facility of excellence that provides both in-hospital assistance and daycare or outpatient consultation services in most of the medical and surgical specialties. FOUND operates in close connection with University Departments hence representing an ideal setting for research in clinical medicine and health management and for the dissemination of its results. As such, FOUND has been and still is involved many European research projects on health innovation (some of which are listed at the end of this form) that are carried out in close collaboration with the Regione Campania and specifically with the UOD Promotion and potentiation of Health’s Innovation programs (headed by Maddalena Illario) and by the UOD Medicines and Medical Devices policy (headed by Ugo Trama). The Regione Campania strongly endorses the participation of FOUND to the UNICOM project through the involvement of the Unit of Pharmacology of the Department of Public Health, Pharmacoutilization and Dermatology, which has a longstanding tradition in the optimization of drug therapy and operates therapeutic drug monitoring for patients admitted to FOUND. In addition, it hosts a consultation service for Medication Use Review and Reconciliation in patients on polypharmacy (especially older adults and patients with heart diseases) that will represent a privileged operational tool to test IDMP performance in Medicine Reconciliation.

Two third parties will integrate and complement the activities of FOUND in the UNICOM project: 1. The Department of Pharmacy of the University of Naples “Federico II” (through the Interdipartimental Research Center for Pharmacoeconomics and Drug Utilization-CIRFF) and 2- the Department of Experimental Medicine of University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” (through the Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology, Referral Centre for the Campania Region; CRFV).

The mission of CIRFF is to perform pharmacoeconomic and pharmacoepidemiological analysis on large population databases of the Campania Region, by integrating data from multiple sources (administrative, pharmaceutical and hospital discharge data, clinical data from different third party sources).

The Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology Centre, coordinates on behalf of Campania Region (DGR n.2530 del 6 Agosto 2003) the activity of Pharmacovigilance Centers in Campania, performs quality checks on the Adverse Drug Reaction report forms, evaluates possible causality links in collaboration with the National Medicine Agency (AIFA) and promotes knowledge sharing about pharmacovigilance and related activities among healthcare professional and citizens.