gnomon Informatics

GNOMON INFORMATICS S.A. founded in 1994 is a Société Anonyme with headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece and branches in Athens and Cyprus. GNOMON provides services for the design and development of innovative and reliable enterprise grade software systems. Focus areas are: eHealth, eProcurement and bespoke software development of internet enabled applications for both enterprises and the government. Gnomon is affiliated with IHE Europe, HL7 Hellas and Greek IT companies Association. GNOMON’s overall operation is ISO 9001 certified and the company works towards an ISO 27001 operation for organisation’s information security policy.

Since its establishment, the company keeps investing in the acquisition and transfer of know-how and has developed strategic alliances with global key-players. GNOMON is active in Industrial and RTD projects (privately and/or publicly funded e.g. from Greek R&D funds, EU RTD activities). GNOMON is amongst the few Greek SME’s to be awarded and successfully conclude two projects from ESA (European Space Agency) as a main contractor within the First and Second Greece’s Industry Incentive Scheme.

The development paradigm of GNOMON is Java platform based along with the related supporting technologies. Emphasis is given on the utilisation of proven open source systems as building blocks of large scale internet systems. Agile software development methodologies, namely scrum and industry proven best practices like continuous integration are the core of the Gnomon development process.

GNOMON’s eHealthPass product line is envisioned to be a complete service provision for specific cross border scenarios. eHealthPass is the first eHealth interoperability solution to comply with the Trillium Bridge EU-US gateway specification showcased in HIMSS 2015, ehealth week in Malta, 2017, Arab Health 2019 and ISPOR 2019 in Warsaw.

Also GNOMON provides software and services in the forefront of the deepening social care crisis in Greece by empowering social care workers with apps and electronic aid tools that act as productivity multipliers. In alliance with NGOs such as Lifeline Hellas and industry leaders such as TUNSTALL, Medisanté and OMRON, GNOMON has deployed assisted living solutions (panic button, gps locators, and Bluetooth weight scales and blood pressure meters) in four municipalities providing coverage to 1000 senior citizens.

Finally, Gnomon was awarded and contracted by ENISA for a study on data security and resilience for eHealth in order to prepare EU recommendations on the implementation of the NIS Directive in eHealth by ENISA. Gnomon also participates in EU project VICINTY “Open virtual neighbourhood network to connect intelligent buildings and smart objects” with a technical role in integrating internet of things ecosystems in the eHealth domain by proposing state of the art interoperability solutions.