Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO) is a public body and legal entity for the organization and provision of compulsory and voluntary health insurance, established in 1993 as the country’s national health insurance fund and main payer within Croatian health care system.
Together with Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia (MoH RC), HZZO has a significant role as policy maker concerning health in general and has a main role in implementation and deployment of eHealth in Croatia. HZZO has extensive expertise in the design and management of the national health information networking system and is integrated with its own data replication, public key infrastructure, coding list management; cooperates with national and international institutions and agencies, producers and drug-issuing authorities; has experience in several large-scale cross-border health projects.

HZZO, as the appointed Croatian eHealth agency, is responsible for the Croatian eHealth interoperability framework. It is HZZO responsibility to maintain the Croatian Master Translation Catalogue (MTC) in CEF eHealth. While actively participating in eHealth Network and eHealth Member States’ Expert Group (eHMSEG), HZZO representatives will participate in technical, semantic and organizational issues related to eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure (eHDSI) and national health system integrated via Croatian NCPeH.