AUTORIDADE NACIONAL DO MEDICAMENTO E PRODUTOS DA SAUDE IP (Infarmed) is a Government agency accountable to the Health Ministry, that evaluates, authorises, regulates and controls human medicines as well as health products, namely, medical devices and cosmetics for the protection of Public Health.
The Institute’s main goal is to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines and the quality, safety and performance of health products in order to avoid the risks of their use while ensuring adequate standards of public health and consumer’s protection.

Amongst Infarmed top activities the regulation and supervision of medicinal and health products from research up to their use by healthcare professionals and patients is of particular importance.
Infarmed performs at national and European levels its competences and responsibilities of National Competent Authority on medicines and health products and of Reference Laboratory on the Quality Control of Medicines within the scope of the Network of Official Medicines Control Laboratories (OMCL).