Servicos Partilhados do Ministério da Saúde

Servicos Partilhados do Ministerio de Saude (SPMS) is the Health Ministry‘s central purchasing and IT authority. It is a public enterprise created in 2010, functioning under the guardianship of the Ministries of Health and Finance.

SPMS aim is to provide shared services – in the areas of purchasing and logistics, financial services, human resources and ICT – to organizations operating specifically in the area of health, in order to “centralise, optimise and rationalise” the procurement of goods and services within the NHS.As part of the shared services of information systems and technologies, SPMS, E.P.E. aims to cooperate, to share knowledge, information but also to develop activities for providing services in the areas of health information and communications systems and technologies ensuring that all information is available in the best way for all citizens, taking a central role in their dissemination and thus in promoting digital literacy in health in Portugal.

“UNICOM will ensure safer cross-border dispensation of medicines, allowing more sharing, more safety and better healthcare!”