UNICOM Community of Expertise: Standards for Safe Medication Data

The UNICOM project has been working to improve patient safety and enable better healthcare for all, through the implementation of IDMP related standards and terminologies within a variety of processes and systems across the landscape of medicinal product development, use and evaluation. Our key focus has been on the provision of safe medication data, using […]

IDMP in the clinical world workshop (under invitation only)

UNICOM is hosting a workshop that aims to engage stakeholders in discussions about the advantages, challenges, obstacles, and timelines related to the implementation and utilization of IDMP in the clinical realm. This exclusive, one-day event, accessible by invitation only, is designed to showcase the advancements achieved within the UNICOM project and underscore the ongoing efforts […]


Brussels , Belgium

This event is not only about presenting the major results achieved by UNICOM over the last four years. It will first of all aim at anchoring those results in a long term perspective and make sure IDMP is part of any major implementation project related to the identification of medicinal products. Book the dates!