IDMP Medicinal products Substitution Workshop: UNICOM day in ATHENS

Athens ROYAL OLYMPIC, Greece

UNICOM Day - ensure that any medicine and what it contains can be accurately identified anywhere in the world. Improve patient safety and enable better healthcare for all Agenda: 9:30 AM - 9:35 AM: Welcome and Introduction (Alexander Berler - GNOMON) SESSION 1 9:35 - 10:00 AM: The promise of IDMP interoperability: the challenge of […]

Knowledge Transfer Webinar: AGES (Austria) in focus

The webinar is opened to all the staff of all Medicinal Products Agencies. If you want to be invited, send a mail to 1 Welcome:  Georg, Sonja Noel 2: PHAROS - Implementation of ISO-IDMP Concepts: Georg, Sonja 3: PHAROS - Importing eAF data based on the new FHIR format (Variation of CPs): Sonja, Noel, […]

RoteListe ePI Summit 2024 in Berlin

This year’s ePI Summit was hosted by ROTE LISTE®. In an era where innovation is transforming every industry, the pharmaceutical sector is no exception. This year’s summit has explored the latest developments, opportunities, and challenges in electronic product information. UNICOM explained why it - together with EMA- can provide a solid foundation to the topic. See: […]

UNICOM Community of Expertise: Standards for Safe Medication Data

The UNICOM project has been working to improve patient safety and enable better healthcare for all, through the implementation of IDMP related standards and terminologies within a variety of processes and systems across the landscape of medicinal product development, use and evaluation. Our key focus has been on the provision of safe medication data, using […]

Arisglobal Breakthough 2024

Breakthrough 2024 is the must-attend event for life sciences leaders across the globe. It’s the one place where leaders like you engage in the brightest, forward-looking life sciences industry conversations and hear the latest LifeSphere announcements. Bringing together industry experts, pharmaceutical leaders, and regulatory authorities, Breakthrough 2024 will explore the transformation of intelligent automation - […]

IDMP in the clinical world workshop (under invitation only)

UNICOM is hosting a workshop that aims to engage stakeholders in discussions about the advantages, challenges, obstacles, and timelines related to the implementation and utilization of IDMP in the clinical realm. This exclusive, one-day event, accessible by invitation only, is designed to showcase the advancements achieved within the UNICOM project and underscore the ongoing efforts […]

2Prescribe Brainstorm Day, RUGroningen, HanzaHogeschool

Groningen (Netherlands)

UNICOM presentation by Robert VDS for a conglomerate of universities, tech and business schools, eager to build innovative implementations. Link to presentation:


Brussels , Belgium

This event is not only about presenting the major results achieved by UNICOM over the last four years. It will first of all aim at anchoring those results in a long term perspective and make sure IDMP is part of any major implementation project related to the identification of medicinal products. SEE THE AGENDA: […]

UNICOM handover to Industry

Venue: Onsite: COCIR Office, Brussels Online, link will be sent after Registration Description: Multiple interoperability-focused technical artefacts have been developed during the UNICOM project. These artefacts describe how conformant digital health solutions will participate in standards adherent data exchanges. Several European Ecosystems as EHTEL or COCIR members that provide solutions that target European and/or International […]


UNICOM will be represented by NOMA, the Norwegian Medicinal Products Agency, during the Radical Health Festivalin Helsinki in a session dedicated to Interoperability - Beyond Techonology, Towards People and Systems Talking to Each Other   If data is the lifeblood of an information-driven health system, interoperability is the cornerstone for implementing prevention and precision at scale. […]

SNOMED CT in Europe

The SNOMED CT in Europe conference will be held from May 22-23, 2024 at the Pullman Brussels Centre Midi hotel in Belgium. This inaugural event will feature speakers and stakeholders from across Europe.​ If you are involved in clinical terminology policy and implementation in Europe then this is the event for you. In addition to hearing presentations from influential […]

Sharing UNICOM results with the US audience


The webinar will be organised by UNICOM partner HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL and has as key objective to update the American interested audience about UNICOM results and discuss in particular some elements of divergence of major importance between the EU and the US . 🗓️ Wed, 05/22/2024 - 12:00 - 13:30 EST (18:00-19:30 CEST) Register Now! […]