openMedicine – D2.3 – openMedicine final identifying and descriptive attributes

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This deliverable’s goal is to present the final list of identifying and descriptive attributes of medicinal products. It also gives implementation recommendations based on the materials developed in D1.1, D 1.3, D2.1,D2.2, D3.1, and D 4.1 of openMedicine. D2.3 has provided relevant input to D3.2, which will extend the attribute lists to special products.

openMedicine – D1.3 – Initial openMedicine infostructure

This deliverable’s goal is to present a multi standards framework thatunderpins solutions to identified issues in epSOS: the EU cross-border health data exchange specifications and its pilot results.In particular the identification of medicinal products and the attentionto factors related to multiple contexts are addressed creating aninfostructure, based on a multi standards framework.