UNICOM joins the Global Vaccines Initiative and will produce a feasibility assessment on global vaccines substance management by September 2021

While vaccination against Covid-19 is now accelerating in most European countries and worldwide, the question of the correct identification and global alignment on vaccines substances is still for now an open issue that UNICOM has decided to prioritize.  UNICOM WP2 key objective is to implement EU-SRS (European Substance Registration System): The system provides scientifically sound descriptions of substances used in medicinal products in the […]

All NCAs of the EU not directly active in the UNICOM project invited now to take part in UNICOM knowledge sharing and best practices webinars.

Thirteen National Competent Authorities (NCAs) for medicinal products are actively involved in the UNICOM project. They are pioneering the implementation of the identification of medicinal products (IDMP) in the European Medicines Regulatory Network. Their work will include knowledge sharing and best practices to other NCAs of the EU which are not directly active in the […]

Join the discussion on how ATC and Melclass come together in a medicinal product dictionary at the next UNICOM Community of Expertise scheduled on Thursday 29 April March 2021

The importance of medicinal product dictionaries (MPDs) is highlighted by two concrete examples. MPDs bring together the information on medicinal products validated by a National Competent Authority and a variety of sources. Making sure that the identification of the medicinal product across these sources can be done automatically and without error, makes the implementation of IDMP such […]

UNICOM supports the further development of the EU cross-border digital health services

Excellent attendance at the 1st UNICOM/eHDSI workshop dedicated to EU eHealth cross-border services More than 80 people attended a two-day workshop organized in February by UNICOM dedicated to the beneficial contributions of this project to the European-wide eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure (eHDSI)/eHealth Network (eHN) communities. Attendees included representatives from national and regional eHealth Agencies, national […]

EMA Implementation Guide v2.0 is released: Let’s analyse it together on the 23rd of March during our next “Community of Expertise” meeting!

The course of IDMP implementation in Europe is strongly influenced by European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) guidance. On Monday 22 February, EMA released version 2.0 of its Implementation guide (EU IG v2.0).  This is a very important milestone for UNICOM and our communities, which will be presented and discussed at our next “Community of Expertise”. Two […]