IDMP identifiers used for the first time in HL7 FIHR Connecthaton

COVID-19 vaccination in the International Patient Summary using IDMP compliant Identifiers in HL7 FHIR Connectathon 27  On May 17-19, 2021, HL7 organized the 27th FHIR Connectathon (FCAT-27).   In the International Patient Summary (FCAT-27 IPS) Track, UNICOM participated exploring the introduction of COVID-19 vaccine Pharmaceutical Identifiers and GTIN product identifiers in the immunization section of the IPS. The Global Pharmaceutical Identifiers were generated by WHO Monitoring Center in […]

UNICOM now ready to start engaging with North American stakeholders

On the 8th of June, UNICOM will organize its first Transatlantic event. Building on the previous awareness raised by the EU project openMedicine (2016), stakeholders in North America shall learn from UNICOM in an introduction workshop. The workshop organized by UNICOM partner CITADHL will gather 25 experts who will debate on the situation in the US (with US FDA representatives), in Europe (with an EMA representative), globally (with […]

Europeans want to be empowered to improve safety and reduce risk when dealing with medicines

282 people from 27 countries have participated to a public survey organized by UNICOM in February and March 2021 aiming at discovering what is important regarding patient care and empowerment when travelling outside one’s home country, specifically related to medicine.  The survey results demonstrate a high interest for the topic and its very relevance in a cross-border […]

Join us on the 28th of May to understand how terminologies such as SNOMED-CT and others need to be aligned to support IDMP related critical use cases.

The next UNICOM Community of Expertise is scheduled on Friday 28 May 2021 between 3:00 – 4:30 PM CEST and will focus on the representation of clinical information related to medication using SNOMED CT and other standards  IDMP concrete implementation also requires semantic interoperability and use of adequate terminologies.   This webinar will illustrate the use of SNOMED CT and other standards for the representation and […]

UNICOM joins the Global Vaccines Initiative and will produce a feasibility assessment on global vaccines substance management by September 2021

While vaccination against Covid-19 is now accelerating in most European countries and worldwide, the question of the correct identification and global alignment on vaccines substances is still for now an open issue that UNICOM has decided to prioritize.  UNICOM WP2 key objective is to implement EU-SRS (European Substance Registration System): The system provides scientifically sound descriptions of substances used in medicinal products in the […]

All NCAs of the EU not directly active in the UNICOM project invited now to take part in UNICOM knowledge sharing and best practices webinars.

Thirteen National Competent Authorities (NCAs) for medicinal products are actively involved in the UNICOM project. They are pioneering the implementation of the identification of medicinal products (IDMP) in the European Medicines Regulatory Network. Their work will include knowledge sharing and best practices to other NCAs of the EU which are not directly active in the […]