Share your opinion on the future of EU Digital Health Apps!

UNICOM invites you to participate in a survey of public opinions on what is important regarding patient care and empowerment when travelling outside one’s home country, specifically related to medicine. This brief 15-minute survey with 2 animated videos of people having a health incident whilst abroad, is open to anyone over the age of 18 […]

The european substance reference system (EU – SRS) release strategy widely supported by the community

EU-SRS provides scientifically sound descriptions of substances used in medicinal products in the EU by applying regulatory standards for the identification of medicinal substances in accordance with the ISO IDMP standards. This is a core central element for the identification of medicinal products.  The system release date has now been set at 30 September 2021. Strategies are worked out to ensure sufficient substance expert resources […]

22nd of January is the date for the next UNICOM Community of Expertise on Pharmaceutical Dose Forms

The presenters will share their perspective on how the pharmaceutical dose forms have been developed and are currently used in different situations. They will give insight in the current revision of the ISO standard, which intends to provide easier means to define world wide unique pharmaceutical dose forms.  This session will also include a transatlantic perspective with the participation of the Federal Drugs Administration representative.   Date: Friday 22 January 2021 Time: 3:00 – 4:30 pc CET Presenters: Chris Jarvis (EDQM, WP 1) Ron Fitzmartin (FDA) Robert Vander Stichele (University Gent, I ~ […]

IDMP supporting COVID-19 immunization: Join our interactive session on December 4th!

A number of new vaccines will arrive on the market with the purpose to immunize a large number of people against COVID-19 virus. But are all involved parties ready to coordinate their efforts to ensure a ensure a adequate identification of those vaccines? And how can IDMP help to solve this important and now urgent issue ? Come and join […]

UNICOM welcomes the launch of the IMI supported Gravitate-Health project

On Monday 16th November, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) launched a 5-year worldwide research project – Gravitate-Health, that aims for improved access and understanding of health information, for safe use of medicines, risk minimization and improved quality of life. 40 leading partners from civil society, academia and industry in 15 countries have joined forces to […]

UNICOM featured in 18th meeting of European eHealth Network (eHN)

UNICOM featured in the 18th meeting of the European eHealth Network (eHN): The EU-funded project has taken first steps to support electronic cross-border exchange of patient summaries and ePrescriptions between EU member states (MyHealth@EU, leveraging the eHealth Digital Services Infrastructure -eHSDI), specifically in the domain of naming and coding of Medicinal Products. A working relationship has […]